New York City FITWeek 2017

Bootcamp & bulldozer smoothies
When I'm not dancing or taking pictures of rainbow food, it's a safe bet that I'm out sweating somewhere. Fitness became my sanctuary last summer after going through tough times. I feel so at home on a bike, doing more push-ups than I ever thought possible, or stabilizing my core on a Pilates reformer. So when I was approached to be an Ambassador of NYC FITWeek this year, I was stoked!

During the fourth annual FITWeek, the New York fitness community will come together to raise money for education. Creator Emily Cook Harris and her team have raised over $16,000 to date! We are supporting She's the First (provides education scholarships and mentorships to girls in low-income countries) and DonorsChoose.org (provides public school teachers with the basic supplies their students need to succeed). Education is a cause close to my heart because so many of my family members work to make an impact for the next generation. When I think about the number of times I took my education for granted, I feel so guilty. There is a world full of children who wish they had essays due and finals to study for. So come sweat with me for a great cause! If you cannot attend, you can always donate via the websites I linked above.

I am proud to be the ambassador for fitBallet, a class that combines the strength and elongation of ballet with high energy circuit training. Ballet and burpees, a dynamic duo! My class is at 7PM on Wednesday, May 10, located at Pearl Studios (every dancer's favorite, right?!). After class we can selfie it up together and enjoy healthy snacks. It's going to be a great time! But if my class isn't your cup of tea, there is a whole week of amazing classes benefiting She's the First and DonorsChoose.org. See the schedule below for more options. Making a difference to a child through fitness is an amazing opportunity and I am honored to be a part of this event.

See you on Wednesday! Let's sweat!


Dear Dancer (A Love Letter to You During Audition Season)

Dear Dancer, in the holding room at Ripley, Pearl, or wherever you may be, let's take a moment to remember things. As the room fills and your confidence wavers, give yourself this pep talk and acknowledge the sheer brilliance of everything you are.

You are capable. You are a dancer (singer, actress, friend, etc.). You have likely been training and honing your craft for years. Why doubt your ability now? You deserve to be in that room. Your talent is so unique and desirable. No one can dance like you. Do you know that? There is only one you, and there will only ever be one you throughout all time. Somewhere out there a casting director/choreographer/agent is looking for exactly your talent. How will they find you unless you shine bright like the beacon you are? Don't let yourself be intimidated by the other bright beacons in the room. Under no circumstance will their talent dim yours. There is room for everyone to shine and if we all shine together, the world will be a much brighter and more enlightened place to inhabit.

You are beautiful. Give thanks to your amazing body for its strength, grace, and willingness to comply with the incredible demand placed on it. You are so lucky to have an instrument from which you can express so many voices, stories, and emotions. Your body literally brings people joy simply by moving. Not everyone possesses that gift. It is your responsibility to share it. Don't get caught up wishing you had flatter abs, more defined legs, a super flexible arch. While you are wishing you had what they had, one thousand more people are wishing they could have merely a fraction of what you have. You are created perfectly just as you are. Celebrate your body and the experience of being you.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. No matter how the audition goes, remember this: what's meant for you will not pass you. You are on a journey completely unique to you. You can do your best to shape your journey, but ultimately what's meant to be will be. Take comfort in the fact that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing and have faith that in the end, everything will be okay. I promise. Enjoy the journey. Learn from every person and every situation you encounter. You were meant to encounter them. Don't take those rejections to heart. They are preparing you for your personal destiny. Keep yourself open and the wonderful gifts that are meant for you will have no trouble finding you. Be receptive and vulnerable even though it is difficult. Keep the faith.

And if all else fails, remember that even Beyoncé has had to audition for gigs. Look how far she got by shining her own way.

Love and light always.
I'll see you in the holding room,


Five Resolutions That Aren't "Eat Less, Exercise More"

Write down your goals & visualize success!

January 17th is widely known as Resolution Ditch Day - a day where all good intentions go to die, just like the crisper drawer in the fridge. (Guilty!) It's easy to start the year busting out new workouts or happily chopping salads but as the month passes, resolutions fade and old, comfortable habits can creep back in. With general resolutions like "be healthy" or "lose weight", it's easy to become frustrated by slow progress. If those general goals are broken down into specific actions, that sense of accomplishment is achievable every day. Here are a few of my resolutions that make me feel confident and powerful:

No. That's all you need to say. You don't need to justify your feelings or create excuses. Say "no" to people, to invitations, to that bagel you want "as a little snack". You are not required to do anything. Say no guilt-free. Releasing the feeling of owing something to the universe makes your load so much lighter. Do not take on more stress than necessary.

Or in my case, just go to bed! Sleep is an amazing gift to give yourself. Set a bedtime and stick to it. Your body needs rest to attack your day. Trust me, your immune system will thank you.

You know who's always going to be in your corner? You. Never forget that. You are your own most powerful ally. Remember to say thank you for consistently showing up for yourself in ways you couldn't begin to name. You are awesome. Be grateful for you. You are lucky to be you.

If you need help, ask for it. If you need a friend, reach out for support. It always feels nice to be needed. If you need something to achieve a goal, do not be afraid to ask for it. Direct communication is difficult but rewarding, and as my mom says, "You can't get fed if you don't open your mouth." 

What can you do to win the day? Ask yourself what it means to have a successful day and do that.. consistently. Make excellence a habit. Set realistic goals and win them. For me, a successful day looks like a healthy meal, exercise of any kind, and laughter. Checking any one of those things off my list makes me feel like a winner. You don't have to climb the mountain in a single day, but you can take steps toward the peak. Forward motion towards a goal should not be measured by the size of the move, but by the effort and intent behind the action.

TIP! The best way to keep yourself motivated is to have someone that keeps you accountable, so grab a buddy and ask for honest feedback! Conquering goals in groups is destined to lead to a more successful result. Surround yourself with greatness and rise together.