Say Yes to Your Best Life

Flywheel's gorgeous TriBeCa location
Yesterday morning I checked off another item on my NYC bucket list by taking a spin class led by Holly Rilinger, celebrity personal trainer and star of Bravo's fitness docu-series Work Out New York.

Spinning is slowly becoming my newest fitness addiction. It's 45-minutes of pure dedication and physical exertion. A spin class is unlike any other fitness class I have ever taken, as it takes place in a dark room to take the focus off of what you look like. You are encouraged to close your eyes and simply connect to the rhythm. As you match your pedaling up with the beats, the instructors guide you with inspirational mantras and praise.

Holly told us something that I really connected with. At the beginning of our class, she reminded us that we only have one chance to do today. It is completely up to us to decide how our day is going to go. We have the option to sit out or show up for ourselves. She asked us to always show up for ourselves and give ourselves the gift of a full life by always saying yes. I resonated with this because I feel as if I have been living by this motto since my move to New York. I am so aware of the chance I have been given and am determined to make the most of it. Living in a city of such infinite possibility, I know that every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could ultimately change my life.

The incredible views from the Roosevelt Island Tram
I have had so many adventures since moving here that began with me saying "yes", my favorite being my sightseeing escapades with my dear friend Trinity. After meeting for brunch earlier this week, she asked if I would be interested in riding the Roosevelt Island Tram. I had never heard of this, and excitedly ran off to the subway with her.

The Roosevelt Island Tram carries you from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island through buildings and skyscrapers, across busy city streets, and alongside the Queensboro bridge. I was mystified the entire ride. City skylines remain one of my biggest sources of inspiration. As I was gliding through Manhattan, I was reflecting on the days that have passed since I moved to New York. It feels surreal. I'm not sure when my life here will ever feel like reality.

My program at Broadway Dance Center kicks off Sunday evening, and although my "vacation" is over, I am so happy to begin dancing full-time. That is all I have ever wanted.


  1. I can tell I am going to enjoy reading your adventures in New York. Can you believe I have never been there? One of my Bucket Lists items is to see MOMA, The Guggenheim,and the Met. Oh, and some awesome thrift shops!

    1. Thank you! I really can't believe that you have never been here. You would love this city so much. I went to the Met last week! You could spend days in there and still not catch everything. My favorite part, of course, was the costume institute. So many sparkles!