We Are a Part of the #prosemnation!

I survived my first week of the Professional Semester! The last seven days have truly been life-altering. I have been looking forward to this program for so long, and it feels surreal to actually be living in it.

We spent the last five days completing orientation training, with seminars in every topic from headshots, to self-defense, to the positive ways your life can change by always having a pen on hand. I am learning so many valuable lessons about not only being a professional dancer, but a good human being. My favorite lessons have been about goal-setting and visualizing your dreams. After our morning seminars concluded, we were free to dance the day away! I took new classes every day, trying out different styles and teachers and absorbing everything that I could. My favorite classes were the musical theater classes, which is my concentration during the program.

I believe the best part about this program will be being constantly surrounded by greatness and inspiration. This week I took class next to Rockettes, with cast members of Broadway musicals, and even a ballet class taught by Sascha Radetsky, star of the classic dance film Center Stage, soloist dancer with American Ballet Theatre, and my first childhood crush. I am also dancing with my extremely talented #prosemnation classmates and friends. Just by watching them take class, I am learning so much. The magnificence of others is truly inspiring. I am lucky to be a part of this group.

The #prosemnation cast of Spring 2016
Next week the hustle truly begins. Orientation is over, placements are completed, and this girl is ready to dance! It's time to make dreams happen.


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  2. So jeal you took class from Sascha!! Glad you're having a good experience.

    1. Thanks, girl! Wish you were here but I'm so jealous of your new beachy home!!