Be Your Own Supernova

From the Top of the Rockefeller center
Long time, no see, my beautiful blog! I have truly been immersed in the dancer life for the last couple of weeks. Between rehearsals for the ProSem Showcase, auditioning for the Rockette Summer Intensive, working a part-time job, taking over 24 hours a week of dance classes and seminars, and trying to eat some vegetables, I have had zero time for anything but rest and recovery. While dancing through this wonderful life, one thought has been consuming me.

After years of struggling to choose who I want to be, I am finally sure. I wouldn't say that I have necessarily been waiting for permission to be myself, but there has been something missing.

For years I have been feeling the pressure to have a backup plan, something to fall back on in case I fail. I have always been a girl that dreams big, but believes that in reality she should be spending her time preparing for the "what if?" path. Today I am firmly putting an end to this way of thinking. I am giving all of my faith and effort into my Plan A.

Red lips & french twists, that's what Rockettes are made of! 
If you love something, if you have a dream, if you want to accomplish a goal, go after that goal ferociously with your whole heart. There is no rule that says you cannot devote all of your efforts to one cause.

Everyone knows what my dream is. I have made that very obvious. For the last several years I have been working tirelessly toward becoming a Rockette. Although this has been my main focus, I have also been working toward other goals "just in case". Today I am done with the "just in case". I have decided to have faith in myself and channel all of my effort into achieving my one true goal. Even if my dream never comes true, I can be satisfied knowing that I gave it absolutely everything I had. I can go down swinging. No longer will I half-heartedly put effort into pursuing goals that I am not passionate about. I will live my life exactly the way I want to. No one should be told that they are not worthy of following their dream, no matter what that dream may be. If you want it, you should go get it. Do not wait for permission. Give it to yourself. Life is too short to waste one single second on a dream that is anything less than your number one.


  1. And good luck. I know how much you want this. It is ironic that one of Rachelle's most successful pieces of art was called "Super Nova". I even designed a cocktail of that name to celebrate it!

    1. I have to correct myself-her piece was Super Cluster-well Super is still in there!