On to New Adventures

The inspiring chalkboard wall at Ivivva

I have been back in New York for a little over a week now, and I am finding my new rhythm. For the last five years, I have always been a part of a program of some sort, whether it was college or the Professional Semester. This is the first time I have been completely on my own in regard to time constraints or obligations. Having so much freedom feels wrong, but I am learning to live in this feeling. And a few days at the beach on Coney Island have certainly been helping me to adjust...

Behind the scenes at GMA
Since I returned I have been busy building my future. I was hired by my favorite athletic-wear company, lululemon, as an educator at Ivivva (their children's store) and for their social media team.  It has been a dream of mine for years now to work for them, and it has been everything I have ever hoped it would be and more. I love the company because it is so goal-oriented and truly makes the most fashionable fitness gear. I will admit, I am an addict. My first day began with a discussion of my visions & goals and ended in a glitter-covered yoga studio getting my namaste on. The team is a dream, the atmosphere is inspiring, and the work is something I am passionate about. I am excited for many years of growing in my new job.

I was also grateful to pursue an opportunity available to me because of my training at Broadway Dance Center. Our connection to the amazing faculty resulted in casting for a segment on Good Morning America. On National Selfie Day, GMA set out to create a world record for most selfies taken on air during the span of one hour. Our job was to rotate through the studio taking selfies with Sara Haines, the lifestyle anchor on GMA. So for one glorious hour, my fellow ProSems and I smiled for millions of viewers to see. It was a very fun experience, one I will remember for years. We even got to share a set with Anna Kendrick!

Now I am gearing up for my next adventure: Invitational Week of the Rockette Summer Intensive, which begins tomorrow. (!!!) For the last four years I have worked tirelessly for an invitation into this elite training program. When I received my e-mail, I cried for hours. To finally achieve something that I have worked so hard for and that is so near to my heart is an indescribable feeling. I can't wait for this magical week to begin. I might not be able to sleep tonight. It feels just like Christmas! Over the course of the next week, I will spend my days training exactly like the Rockettes do: rehearsing from 9:30-6 PM at St. Paul the Apostle Church, the Rockettes' rehearsal space. We will be learning several routines from the Rockette repertoire to perform at a showcase on Friday afternoon. It's one step closer to living my dream. I'll write a huge post about it once I have had time to process the experience!


  1. So proud of you lady! Keep moving forward and stay focused!

  2. Good luck this week. I've seen a bit on Facebook. As usual, you are giving life everything you have.