Hustle & Heart

During the dancer off-season, it is easy to cozy up with Netflix or get lost in the beauty of Central Park's fall foilage. But with audition season quickly approaching, I have had to up my training and ignite a laser focus. When I am not working, a day of audition prep looks like this:

8:00AM Wake up & make my favorite protein shake for breakfast. (Recipe: 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder + one frozen banana + one cup almond milk + one cup spinach)

8:30AM Hop on the subway to head to my favorite spinning studio.

Preparing to ride at IMAXShift

9:30AM Take my first spin class of the day with the world's greatest coach, Bree Branker. I have been training with Bree for almost three months and she continues to push me in every single class. With Bree I achieve things I never thought possible. Each new record is a personal victory. Each bead of sweat (and there are many) is a badge of honor.

I love spinning because it is the best way to build endurance and strengthen lung capacity. As a person with career goals that include five shows a day and over 1,000 eye-high kicks, cardiovascular training is crucial to achieving that. My absolutely favorite place to spin is at IMAXShift. It is the most epic spin class out there.

10:30AM Take my second spin class of the day. I don't typically take back-to-back classes, but I like to push myself and find out how far I can go. After the second class, Bree led us through killer ab circuits.

12:00PM Head uptown to Ripley-Grier Studios, where I have booked a space for Alexis and I to rehearse. Before she arrives, I snack on almonds and take an obligatory studio selfie to prove that I have survived this marathon day.

3:00PM Alexis and I finish rehearsal. Booking rehearsal space in New York is such a cutthroat venture. The second the clock hits the end of your time, the next eager dancers are busting through the door. Every second spent in a studio is a precious commodity. 

3:30PM Feeling completely wiped out from this long day and excited to catch up with my dear friend, Alexis and I head to a nearby pizza joint for some much-needed sustenance. I don't feel one ounce of remorse for the pizza I inhale because I had burned over 1,200 calories in my various workouts. 

4:00PM Alexis and I sit in a small park to catch up and discuss our big dreams. New York is such an inspiring environment. It is so easy and so exhilarating to get caught up in talks about dance, auditions, goals, and the exciting lives we are grateful to live. 

6:30PM I head home, excited to (finally) shower, recover, and dive into my sweatpants. 

An inspiring message found outside of Ripley-Grier Studios

I wish all days could be like this particular day. Most of my days are spent working so that I can afford rent. #adulting But as the number of auditions per week continues to increase, I am reminded of my lifelong dream and how close I am to living that. I am so lucky to be here, and ready to work for it.

Hustle & heart will set you apart. 

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