Attitude of Gratitude

A friend of mine said it best: You love New York when you move here, you hate New York once you are settled and realize how overwhelming it is, and you become a true New Yorker when you accept that you will forever have a love-hate relationship with this city. I am currently transitioning into this last phase. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, I am dedicating this post to loving the things about New York that I hate.

Thank you, Q Train, for the incredible views on my daily commute

1. I am grateful for you, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (aka MTA).

I could start this post with nothing other than the bane of every New Yorker's existence, the MTA. You are consistently late and unreliable, you make questionable decisions, and every time I hop on it feels like falling back into an abusive relationship. But I forgive you, MTA. I don't hold it against you. Thank you for making all five boroughs of Manhattan easily accessible 24/7. Thank you for giving me freedom and independence. Thank you for forcing me to witness humanity close-up from so many different perspectives that I might not otherwise experience. But most of all, thank you for transporting me to bagels.

Working on a photoshoot with Mary for ivivva in Times Square

2. I am grateful for you, Times Square. 

If you have spent any extended time in New York City whatsoever, you will avoid walking through Times Square at all costs. Even reading the words "Times Square" made you New Yorkers shudder, admit it! Times Square is the most quintessentially "New York" part of the city, but it tends to lose its magic after becoming a resident. I am grateful for the way it continues to light up the faces of all the visitors I bring. I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided, from photoshoots to Good Morning America appearances. Walking through Times Square is an exercise in patience, which is practice for being a good human. You may be my least favorite part of Manhattan, Times Square, but I appreciate you and all of your twinkling wonder.

3. I am grateful for you, people. 

Yup. Every single one of ya. I am grateful for you, deranged preacher man screaming at me before 9AM on a train running local. I am grateful for you, tourists that walk (slowly) on the sidewalk, inevitably in a formation eight people across. And I am even grateful for you, grumpy bodega owners that sell expired goods and grumble at me when I attempt to pay with my debit card. You all teach me to be better. You create innumerable life experiences for me that I am lucky to have. Being exposed to such diversity on a daily basis helps me to be more compassionate, more open-minded, and more unwavering in my pursuit of my goals. That is, after all, why we have all gathered in this magical place.

Not featured: the sea of people we had to push through for these views

There are many other facets of New York that continue to annoy me, such as endless lines for Shake Shack, walking through the farmers market at Union Square, and the expense of real estate, but I am still in search of gratitude for those. I can only do so much at one time. What are you going to love this week? 😇

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