Self-Care Sunday: Show Up for Yourself!

When was the last time you took a minute to recognize your own worth? We receive compliments and affirmation from others, but do we give it to ourselves? And if so, how often? I am starting a new series on my blog: Self-Care Sunday. Every Sunday I will be sharing tips and tricks that I use to give myself love.

Today's theme is showing up for yourself. Living in New York City has made this lesson absolutely necessary for me. I have learned that if I don't show up for myself, no one else will. This shows up in several ways. If I don't show up for myself and choose to eat junk food and skip my workouts, the only person losing out is me. If I don't show up for myself and miss dance auditions, I will never book a job. Showing up for yourself should be a daily occurrence, in small and big ways. You will never be alone as long as you show up for you.

Sometimes I need to write down the reasons why I deserve love. It absolutely helps to journal my thoughts and self-care activities. Physically interacting with these reminders by writing them down helps you get involved with the practice on another level. I've created a printable worksheet with a few questions to help you practice self-love this week.

The last question on my worksheet is: How are you going to show up for yourself this week? I'll share my answer with you. This week I am going to spend one day outside and give myself a day to connect to nature.

If you click on the preview for the worksheet, it will open up the printable file. Open up, print off, and send yourself as much love as you need!

Love and light always,

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